Anthony Screw Products Ltd.
Anthony Screw Products Ltd.


Multi-spindle Screw Machines

20 Acme-Gridley multi-spindle screw machines ranging from 1� to 2 1/4� bar stock capacity.

CNC/PLC Machiines

Rotary Transfer Machines

Hydromat: for high volume, precise tolerances and complex parts. Designed for tougher materials.


CNC/PLC Machiines

CNC/PLC Machines

4 CNC Machines: 1 CNC Milling machine with dual pallet for production work and 3 CNC lathes ranging up to 3.15" bar stock capacity.

4 PLC automatic custom cross drilling machines for high production work.


Secondary Operations Department

Our Secondary Operations Department is located in a different area of the building away from the automatics and is designed for short, medium and high volume work. It features custom built automatic drilling machines with PLC controls for quality and efficiency.

Oil Recovery System

PRAB Inc. Automated Chip Processing and oil recovery system.


Parts Cleaning

Four-way automatic parts washing system.


Quality Control

Quality is the objective. We are totally committed to high quality for our customers. All parts are carefully documented and must go through final inspection before they are approved for shipment. All departments document every procedure with a paper trail for all parts being produced. Forms are used to identify production counts and dates. Every part can be traced. Our quality control manuals are available to our customers. We are ISO 9001 compliant and will complete registration by the fall of 2008.

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